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Access video tutorials that will jumpstart your insurance business.

Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group Calls

Have the amazing ability to establish a network of successful and hungry producers from across the country, on an intimate basis from the comfort of your office or home, plus periodical presentations from highly-sought national guest speakers.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Get instant answers, on a daily basis, about your biggest struggles, questions and ideas.

Discuss Sales and Marketing Strategy and Techniques

How do the best agents leverage social media and online activity to increase searchability? Discuss "closing" in this new generation of prospecting and how to make renewals an automatic non-issue with your clients.

Discuss Technology and Operations

What management or operating systems have been lifesavers. What programs to avoid and are a waste of time and money. What software has saved their agency countless hours and headaches.

Discuss Recruiting and Retention

Learn how to recruit and retain the best and highest quality talent. And how to get them to stay at your agency and be extremely happy and productive.

Make More Money by Improving Your Marketing and Agency Operations.

Learn in an intimate group setting. Get executable and practical answers to your business roadblocks.

“In today’s insurance marketplace, the challenges that face the local independent agent have never been seen before. The format of this mastermind group is perfect for any agent who wants to make sense of all of these changes and is looking to build confidence in the direction they need to take their agency. I would highly recommend the Insurance Agent Mastermind Group to any agent seeking answers to some tough questions. It’s the most relevant group for today’s independent agent.”
Peter Haas
Owner, The Haas Agency
“Agent Mastermind is composed of a great group of agents sharing ideas, struggles and technology tips. I would highly recommend this group to any insurance entrepreneurs.”
Ryan Andrew
Owner, The Andrew Agency

Join a trusted group of forward-thinking agents and push yourself to become a better agent and business person.

Monthly Membership

  • Access to Roadmap Video Tutorials


  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group Calls


  • Access Exclusive Facebook Group where you get instant guidance


  • Special offers from Fonality, QQ Solutions, Marble Box and more


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We keep it real.


We’re fun but get right to work. Here are sample questions that come up in our Mastermind.

“Who here uses EzLynx rater and the management system? We are getting ready to purchase. What are your thoughts?”

“Anyone ever heard of Amazon’s Mechanical Turks?”

“Hey guys I am wanting to develop a welcome kit. Any suggestions on where to start or who to use?”

“Do you guys know of any good resources to learn about landlord insurance?”

“Any Colorado agents in this group?”

“Hey fellow insurance nerds! Quick question. If you could give one piece of advice or one tip to a new agency owner (that’s me) to help them bring in new clients or new leads, what would it be?”

“The Insurance Mastermind does exactly what the name implies. It is a group of intelligent, hardworking, energetic insurance professionals who know the industry. More importantly, everyone in the private group is willing to share their experiences, both good and bad, so that everyone in the group can benefit. This group is well structured and committed to help EVERYONE achieve better results in their agencies. What you get is a ton of information from like-minded individuals across the country. What you won’t get is fluff. This is a been an awesome group.”
Brent Kelly
The Insurance Coach, Agent at Clemens Insurance
“I have been looking for a group of agents to be in a pier group with for some time, so when I heard about Masterminds, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part off. After being in the group for a couple of months, it is great. I really like to hear other agent’s success stories, what works for them, but also what they are struggling with.”
Scott Mantel
Owner, Peoples Insurance

Connect. Find Answers. Get better. Share solutions.

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