GROW Mastermind = $99/mo

Grow Mastermind 200x121Grow Mastermind includes Grow Academy. It’s ideal for both veteran and brand new agents; mentors and mentees.  When you join this membership, you join a trusted group of forward-thinking agents who want to grow professionally, as an agent and as a business person.  This membership offers bi-weekly GoToWebinar meetings where we discuss topics from operations to marketing. We also have an exclusive Facebook Group where you can receive instant guidance. We are no joke.



Join our and get access to:

  • DIMA Expert Modules (Includes over 40 videos made by leading insurance agents covering social marketing platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogging, and Email Marketing.)
  • 4-part tuneup marketing course designed just for insurance agents
  • Recorded Mastermind webinars.
  • Email updates on the latest podcasts and blogs

If you don’t want to become a GROW member just yet, you still get to devour the wealth of information available in: