Why Experts Choose Only One Social Media Network

by | July 10, 2013 | Social Media Marketing


There are, quite literally, thousands of social media networks in existence today…

…you’re on them all, right?

If you’re going to capture the maximum number of new business leads for your agency then it only makes sense to have a presence on every social media network out there.

You have enough time for that in your day, don’t you?

Heck NO!

We’re busy people… We’re insurance professionals and this business takes work. We can automate and utilize technology to leverage our time as much as possible, but the sheer nature of our business eats time.

…and if you and your agency have enough vision to embrace digital insurance marketing, (which I LOVE and applaud you for), I don’t want you then wasting your time trying to build connections inside of every social media network you come across.

If you attempt to do this, I promise, you’re not going to be as successful as you could be. You’re going to get frustrated and you’re going give up.

If you spread yourself too thin you’re NOT going to see the results you were expecting. Eventually you’ll begin to revert back to the even less productive (though more comfortable) tactics of waiting for referrals and cold calling.

…and no longer be capturing the Connected Generation.

Choose One Social Media Network

I want you to be successful marketing your insurance agency online. A big part of that success will come in social media marketing. Here’s the rub though, successful social media marketing doesn’t mean success on every social media network.

You just need to be good at one.

Social media is maturing, more importantly the way insurance consumers use social media is maturing. Gone are the days of simply pushing a post or update into Facebook and getting some form of ROI (be it Likes or comments or a sale).

Simply being on a social media network isn’t enough.

You must be an Authority.

That doesn’t mean you need to be the most famous insurance agent on all of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, you do need to be a consistent, respected authority on insurance inside your community or niche for the social media network you choose.

…and you only need to choose one.

I choose LinkedIn.

If you like LinkedIN, then forget about Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and spend the vast majority of your social media time on LinkedIn connecting, building relationships, answering questions and sharing valuable resources to the community you serve.

There is a LinkedIn group specifically for Albany/Capital Region Professionals that currently has over 10,000 members. I spend quite a bit of time in this group establishing my expertise as an insurance professional. Subsequently, we pull a decent amount of business directly from connections that can be tied back to this LinkedIn community.

Being that my job is Director of Marketing, I have a little more time than the average agency. This allows me to choose three social media networks: Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t spend any time on Twitter or Pinterest… or any of the other thousands of social media networks.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose Twitter or Pinterest, just that I don’t.

Authority is more important than Everywhere

I can’t stress this enough… You don’t need to be everywhere.

You need to be an authority in one place, maybe two or three if you have time. With each additional social media network you choose to have an active presence on you’re diminishing your total authority on all social media networks.

Remember we have a finite amount of time in the day. Some of you struggle to get on even one social media network every day, yet each day you’ll choose a different one.

This is the WRONG strategy.

Here are 6 steps to success on one social media network:

1) Take 30 minutes and determine which social media network has the best balance of your own personal understanding for it’s use and contains your ideal client base.

2) Use a program like Hootsuite or BufferApp to automate your presence on all other social media networks.

3) On the social media network you choose take another 30 minutes and build out your personal/business profile as well as you can (including past experiences, skills, niche expertise, profile picture and any other pertinent information).

4) Seek out groups of people in your niche and join them (i.e. LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages/groups, Google Plus communities).

5) Pick 1-3 personal interests and join groups discussing these topics as well. Social media works just like real life, no one wants you blasting insurance information at them all day.

6) Schedule 3-4 short periods of time (could be 10 minutes) during the day to jump on your social media network of choice to engage and participate.

Experts choose only one social media network because they realize it’s more profitable to be an authority on one social media network than present on all of them.

By choosing just one, social media marketing will become more manageable and much more effective for you and your insurance agency.

Let me know in the comments below which social media network you are going to choose and why. If you’re having trouble deciding ask any questions you have in the comments as well…

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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