Why Insurance Agents Should Embrace Social Media and 5 Quick Steps to Start

by | July 11, 2013 | Social Media Marketing

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Ok, you are scared, and not sure of this digital unknown.  You don’t know what to do.  You think it’s over your head.  You are afraid it will waste your time.

But, your leads are slowing down, your customer base is getting older, and you are tired of fighting the marketing budgets of the Insurance giants.

Enter Social Media.  Taking your business online may feel like walking into some unknown mystical cyber-world where sales and marketing magically happen, if you know how to push the right buttons.

Let me de-mystify the process for you.

Today, you tell me your business comes from referrals.  I believe you.  You’ve spent your career networking.

You joined the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Jaycees.  You coached baseball, basketball, soccer.  You developed relationships with home-builders, mortgage brokers, realtors.

People know you and love you.  That’s why you are in sales. 

You gave of yourself.  You created value for people.  You engaged with them.  They learned to trust you.

Let me ask a question.

How many people could you connect with at a Rotary meeting?  The baseball diamond? The Chamber? The soccer field?  10, 20, maybe 30.  How much time did that take?  One hour.  Maybe two.

Let’s get mathematical and put this into a formula.

Networking Connections = 20 people x 1 Hour

So if do one event every work day, you would have:

20 people x 5 hours = 100 Networking Connections

Digital Marketing is nothing more than Networking online, and you already have the skill-setPeople like you and trust you, because you know how to engage with people. 

The digital space just magnifies it.

Rather than being able to network with 20 per hour.  You can potentially engage with hundreds and maybe even thousands per hour.

Let’s plug in the numbers with the same networking time commitment as before.

500 contacts x  5 hours = 2500 Networking Connections

So how do you start?

  1.  Find a committed person in your agency (this could be you).  Age doesn’t matter here.  Commitment and willingness is the key.  If they are already connected online, they make a great candidate.  Look around and see who has a smart phone.  Find someone who knows how to network physically; it is the same skill-set.
  2. Pick a Social Network It doesn’t really matter which one: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn are all great choices.
  3. Find models.  You are not alone. There are already agents, agencies, and other small businesses networking successful online.  Find them.  Connect with them.  Model what they do.  This will give you a giant leap forward because you will learn from their successes and failures.
  4. Find your customers, niches, and potential niches.  Once who are online with a Network, begin building your connections by finding your current customers.  Each network provides tools to do this.  Then look for niches.  If you already do a lot of construction business.  Look for associations and prospects in those niches and reach out to them.  Look for lead sources, for example in Personal Lines, you currently get a lot of leads for realtors and mortgage people.  Find them and connect.
  5. Engage & Be Useful.  Once who find your people begin engaging with them.  Notice what they are talking about and join the conversation.  Share content that useful to your customers.  Be a resource.

There are tools that can you automate and become more effective with the five steps above, but when first jumping into the social media pool don’t overcomplicate it with shiny gear, just learn to swim.

You can do this, and it will help you dominate your own local market even in the face of marketing giants.

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  1. Ryan Hanley


    Amazing post my friend. If this is what we have to expect from you on as a GROW Contributor this community has truly been blessed. I’m so happy you’ve decided to share your voice with us!

    I have to back you up on finding your niche. That is so important online. We can’t be everything to everyone… and it’s even harder to do online.



  2. Nader

    I like the “Be Useful” on social media. Why? Because all marketing departments have learned how to be funny or engage with clients, but not useful.

    Thanks for your content.

    Nader Mah

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